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Franklin Tn shows.

Just when I thought I had enough people To steward at Franklin there have been last minute cancellations. This is serious and not a Game....

2023 shows posted!!

All shows with leads supporting this web site are posted through June!! Please check them out and Consider stewarding for us!!

Attn Stewards

Need stewards for Greenville, Salem, and Lexington. Please consider

Signing up for shows

Hey, there are people signing up for shows the day or, or night before the shows. Please don’t. If you have decided to attend and...

Just click on the picture

For all of you that need to see who else signed up for a show, or if YOU already signed up for a show and forgot, simply click on the...

Signing up for shows

When you select the shows you will be attending on this web site your name is delivered to me and you are put on my list. Confirmations...

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